Upcoming Events

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Upcoming center and departmental events will be posted below.


9/15 @noon:  Geography and Environmental Systems Seminar Series with Dr. Johannes Quaas, University of Leipzig. The recent IPCC assessment report, with a focus on the role of clouds and aerosols.  Click here to join this virtual lecture.

9/16 @5 pm:  3rd Annual Hill-Robinson McNair Lecture with Dr. Antione D. TaylorThe Relation Between Discrimination and Cognitive Function:  Moderating and Mediating Factors. Click here for more information and to register.

9/17 @noon:  Social Sciences Forum Constitution Day Virtual LectureDr. Jennifer CobbinaHands Up, Don’t Shoot: Why the Protests in Ferguson and Baltimore Matter, and How They Changed America.  Click here to join this virtual lecture.

9/21 @noon:  Economics/Public Policy Seminar Series with Sarah Komisarow, Duke University:  School-Based Healthcare and Absenteeism: Evidence from Telemedicine.  Link coming soon.

9/22 @2 pm:  Better Health through Data:  Collaboration with The Hilltop Institute at UMBC presented by Dr. Ian Stockwell.  Click here for more information and to join this virtual event.


10/1 @10 am:  CAHSS Faculty Media Training Workshop, hosted by the Dean’s Office along with the support of the College research centers (CIRCA, CS3, and Dresher).  Registration deadline is Wednesday, September 29th.

10/6 @noon:  Social Science Literature Review Workshop presented by the AOK Library. Click here to join.

10/28 @ 10 am:  Economics/Public Policy Seminar Series with Emmanuel Nshakira-Rukundo, University of Bonn.  Effect of Health Insurance Premium Changes on Labour Supply: Evidence from Rwanda.  Link coming soon.

10/29 @2 pm:  Social Sciences Forum Virtual Lecture.  Dr. Melissa Michelson Mobilizing Black Turnout with Celebrations of Community: The Party at the Mailbox Project.  More details and link to come.


11/5 @2 pm:  Alumni Panel:  Research in Non-Academic Careers. Details and link coming soon!

11/10 @6 pm:  Social Sciences Forum Du Bois Virtual LectureDr. Joseph RichardsonLife After the Gunshot: Structural Violence, Interpersonal Violence and Trauma Among Young Black Men In Washington DC.  More details and link to come.

11/17 @2 pm:  Economics/Public Policy Seminar Series with Felipe Goncalves, University of California Los Angeles.  Do Police Make Too Many Arrests?  Link coming soon.