The Center for Social Science Scholarship supports social science researchers via internal and external funding opportunities and regular research-related events and initiatives.  The Center offers a number of mechanisms for internal funding support for faculty and students across the social sciences.  For pre- and post-award support, please contact the Creative Achievement and Research Administrative Team (CARAT).

CS3 also maintains a calendar of internal center- and college-wide funding opportunities, as well as an ongoing list of external funding opportunities.


Research Workshops and Trainings

The Center for Social Science Scholarship regularly offers methods, skills-based, and other research-related workshops and trainings to support social science faculty and students.

Previously, we have offered workshops and trainings on:  how to use NVivo 12 and Intro to R software programs, how to submit grant proposals, how to apply for funding from NIH and NSF, and how to find and use available research databases. A list of our upcoming events can be found online and via our myUMBC group. We also host materials from past workshops and trainings in our myUMBC group files.  Recordings of past events can be found in our archives and on our YouTube channel.

If you are a UMBC faculty member or student with a request for a particular type of research-based workshop or training, please email your suggestion to