Summer Fellowships for Faculty

Applications for Summer 2023 are now closed.  

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by members of the Center for Social Science Scholarship Advisory Board, and awardees will be posted here in the spring of 2023, according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of proposed research project;
  • Significance of the project in its field;
  • Publishing/funding potential of the work;
  • Qualification of the faculty member to carry out the work, including the requisite expertise in the topic area and prior research productivity;
  • Likelihood that the proposed work can be successfully completed with fellowship support and that it will result in a submittable product within the specified time period;
  • Approval and recommendation of faculty member’s department chair.

For more information, interested faculty may contact Christine Mallinson, Director, or Felipe Filomeno, Associate Director.

Funds for this fellowship are provided by the Center for Social Science Scholarship, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS), and the UMBC Vice President for Research.

Prior awardees include Marina Adler (SAPH), Keisha Allen (EDUC), Dena Aufseeser (GES), Amy Bhatt (GWST), William Blake (POLI), Bambi Chapin (SAPH), Christy Chapin (HIST), Sarah Chard (SAPH), Dennis Coates (ECON), Jeffrey Davis (POLI), Amy Froide (HIST), Tim Gindling (ECON), Irina Golubeva (MLLI), David Greenberg (ECON), Brian Grodsky (POLI), Loren Henderson (SAPH), Andrea Kalfoglou (SAPH), Tasneem Khambaty (PSYC), Douglas Lamdin (ECON), Jiyoon Lee (EDUC), Tania Lizarazo (MLLI), Camee Maddox-Wingfield (SAPH), Christine Mair (SAPH), Marvin Mandell (PUBL), Susan McDonough (HIST), Zoe McLaren (PUBL), Nancy Miller (PUBL), Sara Poggio (MLLI), Bob Rubinstein (SAPH), Dena T. Smith (SAPH), Nianshen Song (HIST), Eric Stokan (POLI), Fernando Tormos-Aponte (PUBL), Christelle Viauroux (ECON), and Noor Zaidi (HIST).