The Center for Social Science Scholarship promotes excellence across the social sciences at UMBC. Spanning disciplines and programs, we connect scholars who engage in social scientific study—asking key questions about social life, addressing problems of local and global concern, sharing knowledge about public issues, and connecting research to practice and policy.

Guided by the core principles of inclusion, equity, and diversity, we encourage intellectual exchange and cross-cutting dialogue as we strive to advance social progress and equity in ways that are critically relevant not only to UMBC but to our local, national, and global communities.

To foster high quality social science inquiry, we offer research and grant support, host trainings, promote campus and community events, and provide opportunities for academic as well as public debate, for the benefit of the university and society.

Housed in UMBC’s Center for Social Science Scholarship, the Maryland Institute for Policy, Analysis, and Research (MIPAR) is a grants administration unit that assists faculty members and departments by providing pre-award and post-grant management assistance.

The mission of MIPAR is to assist faculty members and departments in obtaining funding for their research and administering awards.  MIPAR also provides a formal mechanism for linking the analytical resources of the university with policy makers in the state and throughout the nation, using the expertise of distinguished faculty from UMBC and other universities.

For further information, please contact Deb Geare, Associate Director.

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