Data Science Scholars

The UMBC Data Science Scholars, are funded by the NSF grant (Award# 1915714 Undergraduate Data Science Education at Scale partnership between UC Berkeley, UMBC, and Mills College). The students on this project work on thematic areas from related NSF projects including the NSF iHARP project and NSF information augmentation project.

These students serve as peer mentors to foundational data science students and are also part of a student cohort at the Center for Women in Technology as CWIT Affiliates and the Center for Social Science Scholarship (CS3).  

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Program led by: Dr. Vandana Janeja (Information Systems Department and MData lab)

Center Partnerships: Dr. Carolyn Seaman, Director CWIT; Dr. Christine Mallinson, Director CS3, Dr. Felipe Filomeno, Associate Director CS3

Mentoring partners: Dr. Karen Chen (IS), Dr. Dillon Mahmoudi (GES), Dr. Brian Soller (SAPH), Dr. Christine Mallinson (LLC), Lavon Davis (LLC), graduate student mentor

Nehal Naqvi

Spring 2023 Data Science Scholar in partnership with CS3

Nehal Naqvi is a 2nd Year Political Science and Statistics Major. He is also an Honors College Student and Sondheim Public Affairs Scholar.