Grant Reviewer Directory

The Center for Social Science Scholarship has launched a directory of UMBC social science faculty who are available to review grant proposals by other faculty members. The goal is to strengthen the social science grant pipeline, support faculty who might be the only ones in their department working in a field, connect faculty looking for a reviewer from another discipline, and to foster collaborative research relationships in the social science community at UMBC.

Faculty seeking a review must also volunteer to be listed in the directory to review proposals of others, except for non-tenured faculty and faculty who have not yet received an external award. Reviewers need at least two weeks of lead time to complete a review. They may also decline to review a proposal if it falls outside of their expertise, if they have serious time constraints, or if there is a conflict of interest. Faculty should not wait for a review to be concluded to approach CS3 about their proposals. Be sure to follow the CAHSS proposal timeline.

Faculty members are added to the directory on a rolling basis. To be added to the directory, please contact Eric Stokan.


Faculty Department Areas of Interest Experience as a grantee or reviewer
Charissa Cheah

Psychology Developmental and social psychology, Health disparities, Race/ethnicity, Culture, Immigration (from a psychological perspective NSF, Foundation for Child Development, Russell Sage Foundation
Felipe Filomeno


Political Science / Global Studies


Immigration, Latin America, Latinos in the US, community-based research, intergroup relations


Maryland Humanities, Abell Foundation, Louisville Institute, Fulbright.


Francis Hult

Education Multilingual education, language education policy, ethnographic sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, ethnography of communication Swedish Research Council (area of Education), Estonian Research Council, National Research Foundation of South Africa, PI, FHI360/US Department of State, various Nordic foundations
Andrea Kalfoglou 

Sociology, Anthropology, and Public Health Qualitative research methods; Assisted reproductive/genetic technology and policy; Public health ethics; Cannabis policy HRSA grant reviewer
Christine Mallinson

Language, Literacy & Culture Social inequality; sociolinguistics – language change, linguistic diversity, and interpersonal and institutional biases; education policy and linguistic equity; community-based research; ethics NSF, Fulbright, Erasmus+
Nancy Miller

School of Public Policy People with disabilities, long-term services and supports, health disparities, Medicare and Medicaid National Institute for Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research; The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
John Schumacher

Sociology, Anthropology, and Public Health; Gerontology Health, healthcare delivery, public health, community engagement; older adults, gerontology, and life course issues NIH, Ford Foundation/Institute of Medicine
Brian Souders

Center for Global Engagement Fulbright applications (all UMBC faculty are encouraged to contact Brian prior to submission) Fulbright
Susan Sterett

School of Public Policy Climate change adaptation, disasters, multi-level governance, social welfare, law and courts NSF, Fulbright
Eric Stokan

Political Science Urban development, program evaluation, public policy, equity US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)