Retrieving the Social Sciences

This podcast is devoted to uncovering new insights in the realm of the social sciences. In each episode, we take a close look at the social science scholarship happening at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. We cover the work of faculty researchers, students, and visiting experts, in each case, hoping to learn a little more about our captivating social world.


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About The Series

Retrieving the Social Sciences is a production of the UMBC Center for Social Science Scholarship.  Our podcast host is Dr. Ian Anson, our director is Dr. Christine Mallinson, our associate director is Dr. Felipe Filomeno and our production assistant is Jean Kim. Our theme music was composed and recorded by D’Juan Moreland.  Special thanks to Amy Barnes and Myriam Ralston for production assistance.  Make sure to follow us on  LinkedIn, TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube, where you can find full video recordings of recent UMBC events.

Have a suggestion for a podcast episode topic?  Email us at socialscience@umbc.edu