Faculty Working Groups

Call for Applications!

Apply by May 31, 2024 for groups to begin in Fall 2024.

The Center for Social Science Scholarship (CS3) invites applications for Faculty Working Groups to promote intellectual exchange in the social sciences and across campus. These collaborative scholarly learning communities will meet regularly to engage in such activities as: working on research projects, reading key literature, exploring new methodological approaches, and/or engaging in matters of public interest related to the social sciences, across campus, or with community partners.

Up to four Faculty Working Groups will be selected by the center directors and advisory board members. Groups should be faculty-led and must include at least one faculty member from a social science department at UMBC. Additional priority will be given to groups whose members and/or areas of interest are multi- or interdisciplinary. Advanced graduate students may participate as Faculty Working Group members but may not serve as leaders.

Faculty Working Groups can apply for up to $1,000 in annual support ($500 per semester). Groups may apply for continuation funding. Groups can use funds for such items as: supporting regular group meetings; purchasing software, books, or other materials; hosting external speakers; creating scholarly resources; traveling to external sites for research or public engagement purposes; and other similar activities. A brief report of the group’s activities will be due at the end of the funding period.

Click on here to download the application for a regular CS3 Faculty Working Group.

Special CS3 5th Year Anniversary Faculty Working Group

In this application cycle, CS3 will also award $6,000 for a special interdisciplinary group to work in AY 2024-2025. In addition to the funds, CS3 will provide customized support to the group, such as workshops for software training, connections with potential community partners, and a meeting space. This group must be interdisciplinary, with two or more faculty leaders from different disciplines, with at least one lead from the social sciences. The group may conduct the same activities as regular CS3 working groups but will also submit a mid-term report and a more robust deliverable at the end of the funding period, such as an external grant proposal or a manuscript for publication. The expected deliverable must be stated in the application. Proposals must also include a brief plan for interdisciplinary collaboration, covering: Why is the particular knowledge and skill mix of the group critical for the proposed investigation? What role will each member play in the working group? How will group leaders make sure that different disciplinary perspectives are recognized and included throughout the work? What challenges do you anticipate for interdisciplinary collaboration and how will you approach them? How does the group plan to meet and communicate? Applications from groups that include scholars from outside of the social sciences and investigate complex issues of public relevance and impact are especially encouraged.

Click here to download the application for the Special CS3 5th Year Anniversary Faculty Working Group.

Applications should be submitted via email to socialscience@umbc.edu. Questions may be directed to Christine Mallinson, Director:  mallinson@umbc.edu