Show Notes and Transcripts

Episode 1:  9.17.2021 Black COVID Stories with Dr. Kaye Whitehead

Episode 2: 9.17.2021 Battling Infectious Diseases with Dr. Zoë McLaren

Episode 3:  9.17.2021 Intersectional Solidarity with Dr. Fernando Tormos-Aponte

Episode 4: 10.1.2021 The Lived Experience in Baltimore with Deysi Chitic-Amaya, Lorra Toler, and Kayla Brooks

Episode 5:  10.15.2021 The Social Science of the Climate Crisis with Dr. Tracey Osborne 

Episode 6:  10.29.2021 The Costs of College with Nobel Laureate Dr. David Card

Episode 7:  11.12.2021  Black Feminist Sociology with Dr. Mercedez Dunn

Episode 8:  11.26.2021 Urban Economies with Dr. Eric Stokan

Episode 9:  12.10.2021  Living with Dementia during Covid-19 featuring Dr. Laura Girling

Episode 10:  1.10.2022  UMBC alum Lt. Col. Bradley Waite, US Army

Episode 11:  1.24.2022  Climate Change “Doomers” with Dr. Jacquelyn Gill

Episode 12:  2.7.2022  The Hidden Value of Community College with Dr. Taka Yamashita

Episode 13:  2.21.2022 The Social Science of Water with Dr. Maria Bernedo del Carpio

Episode 14:  3.7.2022 Slave Rebellions w/ Dr. Marjoleine Kars, Dr. Vincent Brown, and Dr. Sharika Crawford

Episode 15:  3.21.2022 Natural Disaster and Food Security with Dr. Lauren Clay

Episode 16:  4.4.2022 Student-Athletes and Political Voice with Dr. Tom Schaller

Episode 17:  4.18.2022 A (Voting) Party at the Mailbox with Dr. Melissa Michelson

Episode 18:  5.2.2022: URCAD ’22 w/ Avnee Sharma, Jess Sellner, Elyssa Lou, & Joshua F. Gray

Episode 19:  5.16.2022:  UMBC Gerontology w/ Dr. John Schumacher, Dr. Rob Millar, Dr. Sarah Holmes, Min-Hyung Park, Jenn Haddock, & Rachel McPherson


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About The Series

Retrieving the Social Sciences is a production of the UMBC Center for Social Science Scholarship.  Our podcast host is Dr. Ian Anson, our director is Dr. Christine Mallinson, our associate director is Dr. Felipe Filomeno, and our production interns are Sophia Possidente and Jefferson Rivas. Our theme music was composed and recorded by D’Juan Moreland.  Special thanks to Amy Barnes and Myriam Ralston for production assistance.  Make sure to follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube, where you can find full video recordings of recent UMBC events.

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