Episode 56: May 1, 2024

On today’s episode we hear about a series of fantastic presentations from UMBC’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day, also known as URCAD. During URCAD, students from across the social science disciplines presented their excellent research to the campus community and beyond.  Our special host for today’s episode is our production assistant, Jean Kim. Stay tuned for this wonderful celebration of undergraduate achievement–in podcasting as well as in social science research!


The student interviewees are as follows:

1) Quantitative Analysis of Youth Incarceration in MD’s Juvenile Justice System

-Pakeeza Awan

2) Racial-Ethnic Socialization Facilitates Civic Engagement in Asian-American Adolescents through Character Development

-Rachael Joslow

3) Slow Fashion in the Washington Metropolitan Area

-Lien Hoang

4) Food Insecurity Among College Students at a Minority Serving Institution

-Emmanuella Osei

5) White, Pink, & Pretty: How Barbie’s Feminism Fails its Viewers

-Carrington Cline

6) Keyboard Warriors: An Analysis of Sudden Politicized Spirals Within Youtube Comment Sections of Non-Political Videos

-Ziegfried Byrd

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