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Pertinent Travel Policy Reminders:

CS3 follows the policy and procedures of UMBC Business Services Office regarding travel. Click here for more information.  Additional in-depth travel information is available here.

Combining Personal and Professional Travel

Careful records must be maintained to separate the expenses of travel companions from the reimbursable expenses of UMBC.  Any additional cost incurred due to stopovers or route modifications made for the convenience of the traveler will be borne entirely by the traveler.  If needed, a cost comparison transportation ticket can be obtained by the travel agent. The CS3 business office will not be able to make travel arrangements for any personal travelers accompanying the UMBC traveler.

After Business Hours Assistance

CS3 is generally available for travel arrangements Mondays through Thursdays, 8:00am – 4:30pm, excluding University Holidays. If you need emergency travel assistance outside of this time, you will need to make the necessary emergency decision and contact CS3 on the next business day for follow-up information. Expenses incurred during a travel emergency may or may not be allowable or covered by grant or departmental funds, in which case the traveler will bear the additional costs incurred.

Requests for Reimbursement Must be Submitted to CS3 within five (5) business days after your return.

Traveler will bring a completed reimbursement form to the CS3 business office with original receipts for processing.  For help with completing the form please make an appointment with the CS3 business office. The current per diem rates are available here.  For foreign travel please use the OANDA Currency Converter to convert all currency to be reimbursed to US Dollars.

Travel FAQs