Travel FAQs

What information does CS3/RAD need to get started?

CS3 RAD requires you to completely fill out this google form to help! It collects all the questions we’ve found necessary to start the process. It will ask for things such as…

  • (Trip / Conference) dates, location, title?
  • Registration price? Is there an early bird rate & deadline?
  • Is membership needed and how much is it?
  • 3 Hotels, rank by preference and gather the addresses/ phone number (Incase your preferred hotel is fully booked). If there is a group rate please let us know! If you have a link to the conference-specific registration portal please include that.
  • Flight information: preferred date/ time, airport, we will need your DOB and your legal name as it appears on your driver’s license

Travel Pre-Approval – formerly the ETravel process

All travelers need a Pre-Approval form and you CAN fill it out yourself, however for award funded travel CS3 Research Admin staff prefer to fill this out for the traveler based on their answers to the Google Form.

First, we need to know…do you have a UMBC Campus ID? 

If yes, proceed to next step.

If no, please visit this Wiki all about getting ‘sponsored’ into the UMBC system.  CS3/RAD will be your sponsor! Just let us know you need a Campus ID and we can get it done.  In order to create a sponsored account, we will need the following information from the individual:

  • Alternate email address (used to communicate with the person)
  • Date of birth (used only as a simple validation item)
  • First and last name

Reimbursement related to Travel

What CS3 needs to know:

Are you in PAW? (The UMBC outward facing finance portal) If yes, fantastic. If not, we will need to get you entered into PAW (the UMBC payment system) as a vendor/payee.

  • Get a W-9 here, and save it.
  • Email your business manager and let them know that you need to be entered into PAW and they will connect you with a CS3 staffer who will initiate a DocuSign process called a Supplier Information form. The DocuSign will arrive as an email and will be from the Procurement office. You may need to check your spam folder!
  • Fill out the DocuSign and attach the signed W-9

What you need to know

*In order to be reimbursed for mileage …mileage to/from a location will require a map (google Maps for ex.), mileage to/ from airport same. All maps used by UMBC employees as documentation related to mileage reimbursement must start at UMBC if it is a regular work day.  The current mileage rate is found here.

Are we reimbursed for food?

*Per Diem rates:

Breakfast: $15.00; Lunch: $18.00; Dinner: $30.00 — Total: $63.00

*If using this option, please make sure to apply this method to the entire trip.

If you would like to be reimbursed by the exact amount paid for your meal we will need the meal receipts, along with credit card documentation to confirm the purchase.

Please reach out to your grant manager for additional information on this topic.

Important: Please note, if your conference includes an event with a provided meal, that meal will not be included in your per diem reimbursement. The conference schedule will provide that information. Possible exceptions for dietary restrictions / accommodations are provided.

*The travel system does not work in Safari.

Things that aren’t directly reimbursable

  • Sales tax in the state of Maryland
  • Gas receipts