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Black Lives Matter and Its Social Context

Black Lives Matter: The global network building power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe #BlackLivesMatter

Cite Black Women Collective: The official page of the Cite Black Women movement #CiteBlackWomen

Black in the Ivory: Retweeting and amplifying Black voices in Academia #BlackintheIvory

The 1619 Project, an ongoing initiative from The New York Times marking the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery

1619, a Podcast from the New York Times on how slavery has transformed America

Intersectionality Matters, a podcast hosted by Prof. Kimberlé Crenshaw

On Police Violence and Anti-Black Racism:
Statements from across the social sciences

Association for Black Anthropologists: Statement against police violence and anti-Black racism

Association for Black Sociologists: Statement on Ferguson

American Educational Association: Presidential statement on police killings of Black people

American Political Science Association: Statement condemning systemic racism

American Psychological Association Action Plan for Addressing Inequality

Statement from the American Economic Association executive committee

Anti-Racism Reading and Resource Guides

What is an Anti-Racist Reading List for? by Prof. Lauren Michele Jackson

Anti-Racist Reading List by Prof. Ibram X Kendi

Dismantling Racism: Includes resources related to racism, racial justice, and COVID-19

Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus

Race-Conscious Leaders by Prof. Shaun R. Harper

Showing Up for Racial Justice

White Academia: Do Better

REACT Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Resources from UMBC

Inclusive Excellence In Action: Showing up for Black Lives in UMBC Communities resources curated by the UMBC Office of Equity and Inclusion 

Anti-Black Racism Resources curated by the UMBC Dresher Center for the Humanities

BLM and Anti-Racist Resources curated by UMBC’s We Believe You student group

Black Lives Matter….Still: Resources curated by UMBC’s Mosaic Center 

Learning to be Anti-Racist: Resources from UMBC’s Women’s Center

Antiracism resources by UMBC’s Counseling Center

Anti-racism readings and resources dedicated to support Black Lives Matter curated by UMBC’s AOK Library employees


This list is not sufficient or definitive, but it is a starting point for reading, learning and conversation.
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