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Black Lives Matter and Its Social Context

Black Lives Matter: The global network building power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe #BlackLivesMatter

Cite Black Women Collective: The official page of the Cite Black Women movement #CiteBlackWomen

Black in the Ivory: Retweeting and amplifying Black voices in Academia #BlackintheIvory

The 1619 Project, an ongoing initiative from The New York Times marking the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery

1619, a Podcast from the New York Times on how slavery has transformed America

Intersectionality Matters, a podcast hosted by Prof. Kimberlé Crenshaw

On Police Violence and Anti-Black Racism:
Statements from across the social sciences

Association for Black Anthropologists: Statement against police violence and anti-Black racism

Association for Black Sociologists: Statement on Ferguson

American Educational Association: Presidential statement on police killings of Black people

American Political Science Association: Statement condemning systemic racism

American Psychological Association Action Plan for Addressing Inequality

American Sociological Association condemns racism in the criminal justice system

Statement from the American Economic Association executive committee

Anti-Racism Reading and Resource Guides

What is an Anti-Racist Reading List for? by Prof. Lauren Michele Jackson

Anti-Racist Reading List by Prof. Ibram X Kendi

Dismantling Racism: Includes resources related to racism, racial justice, and COVID-19

Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus

Race-Conscious Leaders by Prof. Shaun R. Harper

Showing Up for Racial Justice

White Academia: Do Better

REACT Anti-Racism Resources

Courageous Conversation Academy

Anti-Racism Resources from UMBC

Inclusive Excellence In Action: Showing up for Black Lives in UMBC Communities resources curated by the UMBC Office of Equity and Inclusion 

Anti-Black Racism Resources curated by the UMBC Dresher Center for the Humanities

BLM and Anti-Racist Resources curated by UMBC’s We Believe You student group

Black Lives Matter….Still: Resources curated by UMBC’s Mosaic Center 

Learning to be Anti-Racist: Resources from UMBC’s Women’s Center

Antiracism resources by UMBC’s Counseling Center

Anti-racism readings and resources dedicated to support Black Lives Matter curated by UMBC’s AOK Library employees


This list is not sufficient or definitive, but it is a starting point for reading, learning and conversation.
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