Fall 2019 SSF Events

The Future of Du Bois: 41st Annual W.E.B. Du Bois Lecture

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Nimi WaribokoWalter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics in the School of Theology and Chair of the Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics Department, Boston University

This lecture aims to bring Du Bois’s rich and complex concept of consciousness to the study of citizenship and epistemology in Africa.

Sponsored By: Department of Africana Studies, Office of the Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; the Center for Social Science Scholarship, the Dresher Center for the Humanities; Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation; the Department of Philosophy.

The Economic Costs of Water Pollution: Mullen Lecture

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Sheila OlmsteadProfessor of Public Affairs, LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin

Americans consistently list water quality among their most significant environmental concerns. However, analysis of ambient water quality regulations in the US suggests that such regulations have unfavorable benefit-cost ratios, particularly compared to those for regulations that target air quality and drinking water quality. This lecture will review what we know from existing economic research about the benefits of ambient water pollution control, and conversely, the costs of water pollution.

Sponsored by: Department of Economics

Men’s Leadership in Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Jackson KatzFounder and Director, Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Strategies 

Focusing on a variety of sectors and settings, such as education, sports, media, politics, clergy, and human services, Katz explores ways in which male leaders can address issues of sexual assault and domestic violence by examining and challenging the belief systems that sustain them, including the role of sports culture, porn culture, and other forms of popular media.

Sponsored by: The Division of Student Affairs, The Center for Social Science Scholarship, and the Department of Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies

How to Read the Constitution and Why: Constitution Day Lecture

Kim WehleProfessor of Law at the School of Law, University of Baltimore

In How to Read the Constitution and Why, Wehle spells out in common sense terms what is in the Constitution and what it means. She describes how the Constitution’s protections are eroding and why every American needs to heed this “red flag” moment in our democracy.
Sponsored by: Department of Political Science