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COVID-19: Research & Responses from the Social Sciences at UMBC

Addressing spatial distancing while promoting well-being. Implementing public health measures and informing policy. Combatting bias and discrimination to mitigate inequality. Tracking political responses and analyzing economic impacts. Promoting evidence-based communication, on and offline.


The social sciences tackle pressing social issues that are critical to understanding and addressing global crises like COVID-19. At the Center for Social Science Scholarship, we’re hosting virtual events, featuring research, and sharing expertise that brings the social sciences to bear on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click through our slideshow (*left on a desktop, below on mobile) to learn more. #UMBCtogether


Share your perspectives with us!

Send us a short video, photograph, or quote that explains how your research is tackling issues related to COVID-19, or how insights from your research or discipline help us understand this global crisis. Email your response to and we’ll feature them here and on social media!


For information on COVID-19-specific funding opportunities, go here.


For other COVID-19-related information, visit our updates page.